The ‘Wiggins Factor’ Bike Sales Boom


Posted Tuesday 31st July 2012 –

We all know cycling in the UK is on a bit of a high at the moment, there seems to be more cyclists out on the roads and events such as sportives continue to attract huge numbers of riders. If any further evidence was needed of cycling’s current boom, Evans Cycles, one of the UK’s largest cycle retailers, has reported a 35% increase in the sale of road bikes and a surge in visitors to its website in the week following Bradley Wiggins’ securing the Maillot Jaune in the Tour de France. They’re also optimistic that the increase in sales and interest in cycling will increase as British cyclists including Wiggins step up to the Olympic stage.

A spokesperson for Evans Cycles says: “The success of British riders is inspiring. People see champions like Wiggins dominating the Tour and that’s naturally going to inspire you to get out on a bike. The British team is looking really strong for this year’s Olympics, the anticipation and expectation is there and this definitely has a knock-on effect at grass roots level.”

The last few days have been Evans’ busiest of the year, with increased sales in every region across the UK. Bike sales have shot up across the companies’ broad customer base, but particularly among sporting riders.

The biggest increase bike sales has been at the £700 to £2,000 purchase value, which is around the amount cycling enthusiasts are expected to be spending. Evans Cycles believes many of these consumers have been inspired by the success of Wiggins and the other racers.

Other market influencers include the rise of new riders, often spurned on by the accessibility rides organised such as the popular city ‘Sky Rides,’ and beginner friendly organised RideIt! sportives and off-road routes that Evans Cycles host every fortnight.

The British public are also increasingly using their bikes as a way of getting around. Evans Cycles runs the Ride2Work scheme which allows employees to purchase tax free bikes. The scheme has seen a 20% increase in uptake over recent weeks compared to 2011.

Evans Cycles have put this down to an interest in fitness and environmental concerns, but predicted the coming Olympics would likely increase the number of Ride2Work users and sales of folding bikes, saying: “With the approaching Olympics also comes the potential for, and expectation of, some transportation issues and we’re seeing customers looking to cycling as a way of getting around.”