UK Cycling Population Reaches 8,741,000


Posted Monday 24th November 2014 –

UK Cycling Population

Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS Inc.), one of the UK’s leading independent sports research firms has completed a new report into the UK’s cycling population, revealing a participation level of close to nine-million. The news means that cycling is the third most participated sport in the UK, behind swimming and running. Significantly, cycling has a high percentage of under 18 participation (22%).

“Cycling is the growth sport in the UK and our report shows no signs of that slowing down. The insight into youth participation, along with positive involvement from the older age groups, is testament to the healthy state of the sport,” said John Bushell, Managing Director of SMS INC.

“The boom has been well documented; however the insight we can offer in this extensive report into the sport’s status is very exciting. It’s unparalleled and unavailable anywhere else.”

SMS INC.’s International Participation Report also reveals that 16.9% of adults in the UK are cyclists, with the average participant cycling 48.9 times in the past year. One fifth of the 8,741,000 UK cyclists ride at least once per week.

Unsurprisingly, road cycling is by far the most popular form of the sport, with 80% of UK cyclists taking to the asphalt. The most common reason for cycling is for recreational purposes, while over 40% cycle for commuting and transportation purposes.