This Weekend’s Wildwood CX Event


Posted Monday 21st January 2012 –

As the snows around Reading begin to thaw, the organisers of this Sunday’s Wildwood CX Sportive at Woodcote in the Chilterns are looking forward to classic winter ride.


“It feels like we’ve had the full range of winter weather in the last month now, and that’s just why we developed CX Sportives”, says Martin Harrison from The Cycle Events Organisation. “It’s in these conditions that pure road riding gets pretty grim, and road events start to get cancelled. But CX just gets more fun as the variety of surfaces changes. The course is designed with this weather in mind, and for bikes that can handle the mix. It’s how winter riding should be!”

And it’s not just road riders who are being drawn to that CX Sportive mix. The CX Sportive format is unashamedly inclusive, attracting riders from both road and MTB backgrounds, as well as dyed in the wool cyclo-crossers looking to extend their season. The winding Chilterns course for the Wildwood CX is the epitome of what this sort event should be; fast-paced and varied, switching regularly from tarmac to dirt to keep you on the ball and entertained throughout. 40, 60 and 80km route choices make it ideal for any rider, and the mixed terrain course design opens it up to all sorts of different bikes; great for CX and 29ers, ideal for a fast MTB or a capable hybrid; at a push, even your winter road hack could tackle it, with a change of tyres!


Berkshire’s no.1 independent bike shop AW Cycles have announced they will be supporting the event too. The Reading based shop will have a stand at the event centre, stocking those last minute essentials, plus a few extra goodies, and the AW Team van will be providing rider and mechanical support out on the course to keep you moving. The event also features comprehensive route signage, a manned feed and support station, RFID ride timing, free TORQ energy drink and full catering at the event base.

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