Exmoor Beauty Launches Concours-de-Elegance


Posted Thursday 2nd February 2012 –

Organisers of the Exmoor Beauty cycle sportive are adding a new twist to the usually sportive format. Although we might not always like to admit it looking good on the bike is a big part of cycling for many cyclists and with this in mind the Exmoor Beauty will be the first event to acknowledge this by introducing a contest to find the best presented riders. We all know someone who spends hours polishing every bit of their bike so it looks like it’s straight off the showroom floor and who’s kit is always spotless, well this might be their chance to shine….

Occasionally mocked, but far more often envied, cycling fashionistas get the ideal opportunity to display their homage to style on wheels when the Exmoor Beauty is staged on the 22nd April. The event, through the breathtaking scenery of Somerset’s national park, is now to incorporate a Concours-de-Elegance competition, which will acknowledge the smartest kitted-out riders and their highly polished mounts.

Marcus Di-Vincenzo, M.D. at events management company M.I.G. explained “Although the concept is quite common at classic automotive gatherings, as far as I’m aware this will be a first for a cyclosportive. I think the term poseurs, when applied to cyclists, is a bit derogatory and I’m strongly of the opinion that those who pay attention to the image they project should be positively encouraged and recognised. Therefore, we shall be awarding valuable prizes to the top 3 riders, in both genders, who we consider to be the epitome of sartorial elegance on two wheels.”

New to the calendar this year, the Exmoor Beauty is aiming for a far more relaxed approach to sportive riding; placing a strong emphasis on sociability and aiming at putting the fun back into mass participation challenges. So, if you fancy putting on the style this spring then head for Butlins in Minehead and join in what promises to be one of the country’s most enjoyable sportive experiences of the season.

For full details visit www.exmoorbeauty.org