Wiggle Chilterns Wildwood CX This Weekend


Posted Wednesday 21st January 2015 –


The first CX Sportive of 2015 is coming up this Sunday (25th January) starting from Woodcote in Chiltern Hills north of Reading. It’s now four years since the Cycle Events Organisation launched CX Sportive, and they begin their fifth year with a new series sponsor in Wiggle, and the return of their very first, and most popular ride, the Wiggle Chilterns Wildwood CX!

CX Sportive style events are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people discover the joys of cross bikes and the possibilities they open up, particularly at a time of year when long, cold miles on tarmac seems less than appealing. At CX Sportive events you get fast and varied mixed surface courses and superb organisation – as you’d expect from a team with over 20 years of experience – but there’s something more to CX Sportives than most other events. There’s a sense of being part of something that’s just starting to take off, a slightly different style of event that is shaping it’s identity right now. Where ideas about road sportives have in many ways become pretty established with regard to what they are and the type of rider they are expected to appeal to, the growing CX scene is drawing interest from a broad pool of riders, with road and off road backgrounds, experienced and new cyclists alike. This brings a unique, friendly atmosphere, an amazing mix of bikes and riders and real sense of camaraderie to the events, and that’s exactly the way the organisers want it. The CX Sportive ethos they say, is cycling – pure and simple. It’s about sweeping away fixed ideas of what cycling should be and just riding whatever is under your wheels.

Part of the success of Wiggle Chilterns Wildwood CX in particular is undoubtedly it’s course. There are 80, 60 or 40km options to choose from, and has the perfect mix of surfaces for a great winter ride. The route constantly changes to add variety and spice, knowing exactly when to throw a challenge your way, and when to let you open up and ride! throughout the day, you’ll chop and change between country roads, farm tracks, bridleways and tracks, giving you a consistently lively ride!

The Wiggle CX Sportive Series is run by the Cycle Events Organisation – the same team that has been bringing you CX Sportives since 2011, and Trail Break and Southern Sportive events for over 20 years. Supported by Wiggle in 2015, the CEO are committed to bringing the excitement of CX riding into the cycling mainstream.

Find out more and enter now at cxsportive.com