Wiggle Cheshire Cat Sportive Postponed


Posted Thursday 21st March 2013 –


We’ve just been reading that Kilo To Go, the organisers of the Cheshire Cat, have decided to postpone this weekend’s event due to the forecast heavy snowfall. It’s always a tough decision for organisers to make but it’s always done with the safety of the riders in mind and anyway riding in the snow and ice isn’t much fun.

The event has been rescheduled to Sunday 7th July so hopefully we’ll be getting some better weather by then!

Here’s the statement Kilo To Go posted on their facebook page –

Based on the very latest weather reports for the North, Midlands and West of the Pennines were postponing this weekend’s Wiggle Cheshire Cat sportive. A regrettable decision but a responsible and correct one based on available information we believe. All the weather reports we access indicate heavy snowfall on Saturday with a ‘hangover’ of snow, slush and ice on many roads for Sunday combined with a bitter wind from the east and temperatures not getting above freezing at all through the day.