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Posted Thursday 7th February 2013 –

The  announcement of the routes of the 2014 Tour de France has focussed attention on Yorkshire , it has also provided great interest in one of the areas flagship cycle events. Promoted by England’s first Tour de France stage winner,  the Brian Robinson Challenge Ride  uses roads which the veteran rider used as his training ground, and which until recently he still  rode.


The 75 mile circular loop is modelled on the reliability ride principle, where riders are awarded  certificates for finishing inside set time bands.  The event is a personal test of stamina  and with the changeable weather in the Pennines is different each year.

Taking place on the 28th April this year , riders will benefit from 2 organised feed stations to refuel and replenish their water bottles and should be  kept on track with the presence of outriders to show the way.  A  rare feature in cycle events , the moto marshals give riders the feeling of taking part in the elite events ,as they overlap the cyclists with a cheery wave and words of encouragement.

The event started out following a request from the Mayor of Kirklees in 2006 to fellow councillor and cyclist Martyn Bolt for a charity ride in support of his charity, and has grown from the 100 riders  on the first event to over 500 entrants for last year.

“In launching the event as a challenge Ride Brian and I wanted to offer something appealing to all riders “  said Martyn “ so whether the challenge was  completing the course as a relative novice to cycling or getting round faster than you did the year before, it is up to each rider what their own challenge is”

The ride has an added bonus of riders leaving the start in one group, again similar to the Tour de France, though the Pennine hills soon spread them into a colourful lycra clad snake winding its way over hill and dale

Anyone wishing to enter can do so through the online entry site at ,,  whilst any local businesses  wishing to become involved with sponsorship or support should contact Martyn on

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    What time is the race start,and is it one big loop

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