New Boardman Superlight Sportive Bike Teaser


Posted Friday 23rd August 2013 –

Boardman bikes have released a teaser video of a new superlight sportive bike that’s currently in development. The video shows the new carbon prototype frames being put through their paces during a 5 day testing session in and around Kitzbühel, Austria.

The video doesn’t give too much away and no more details have yet been announced so specs and pricing are a bit of an unknown other than we know is it’s a new all-day superlight sportive frame platform that they currently in development. The details released with the video say the bike is “Designed as a lightweight & fast frame without compromise to ride or handling, optimised for those epic all-day rides, whilst maintaining the Boardman performance edge for those wanting to race with an incredibly fast machine.”

Chris Boardman, R&D Director & Co-founder said “This is an exciting development from our R&D department. Two years in development and testing, the fine tuned result is designed to cater for the rider who spends a lot of time in the saddle – either training, racing or purely for the love of cycling.”