KiloToGo Launch New Autumn Sportives


Posted Thursday 11th April 2013 –

Event Organisers, KiloToGo, have today launched two new cycle sportives that will be taking place this autumn. The Wiggle Shropshire Mynd Sportive takes place on Sunday 15th September starting from Shrewsbury followed by the Wiggle Glastonbury Tor Sportive on the 22nd September starting from the outskirts of Bristol. More information from the organisers below.


“The first of our Autumn sportives is Wiggle Shropshire Mynd. It’s a brand new event but uses some our own personal favourite terrain in the Welsh Marches and the secret county of Shropshire. The clue is in the name because the roads are so quiet and enjoyable to challenge yourself on yet there is so much awe inspiring scenery to enjoy – and therein lies the essence of why this area lends itself so well to this Autumn sportive challenge”


“A week later Wiggle Glastonbury Tor, so named because you can pretty much see the famous Somerset landmark from much of the route. There’s flat, there’s hilly and there’s downright gorgeous too as riders ascend the famous limestone gorge from Cheddar up to the top of the Mendip Hills.”