Joker Sportive Route Details Released


Posted Monday 30th January 2012 –

Southern Sportive 2012 The JokerThere are two ‘core’ routes to choose from; the 97km Full or 80km Short. But on top of these a series of extra loops will be presented for you, including some climbs and challenges of note. If you take on everything, the maximum distance available rises to 122km, which sounds like a friendly, early season total, until you look at what stands in your way.

The droves between Sailsbury and Shaftesbury which form the backbone of the course, boast an impressive collection of climbs and formidable gradients. High points (both literally and metaphorically) are the legendary cobbles of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, which at a 1:4 incline will call for an impressive turn of explosive power to conquer, and the seemingly endless hairpins of Zig Zag Hill.

Officially Britain’s bendiest stretch of road, Zig Zag Hill appears to have Alpine ambitions and offers the best views in the area. These two don’t stand alone on the course either. Plenty more climbs, including a couple of 1:5s, crank full height gain up to 2000m; an average of 16m per km. The views across south Wiltshire and Dorset will be spectacular in the spring too, and you’ll have Southern Sportive’s excellent support and extensive experience to back up your ride.

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The Joker Sportive