Cycle Surgery Support Long Leg Sportive


Posted Thursday 21st March 2013 –


The organisers of the LongLeg Sportive on the 19th May are pleased to announce that the event this year will be supported by Cycle Surgery. The event, now in its 3rd year, will have two routes on offer and will take in some of least known and best known rolling roads and ascents deep in the hills of Surrey.

Jon Sharpe from Cycle Surgery said “Like us, we feel the event will offer something a little bit different that makes it stand out from the rest. It doesn’t follow the usual routes like most other cycle events in Surrey and the climbs will test even the fittest of riders.”

The event will not only have the support of the Cycle Surgery mechanics at the start, but there will be feed stations loaded with great cake homemade in the hills, a mobile mechanic, rolling first aid vehicles and NEG riders. Cyclists will be in safe hands!

Longleg promophoto5

So why is it called LongLeg? Probably because the 2 routes will be achievable but tough enough to make your legs feel like they’ve been stretched!

And what about that cake? The ingredients to the cake will remain a closely guarded secret. But it’s the stuff of champions!

For more details and to enter visiit our sportive calendar listing or go to