CX Sportive returns for Salisbury Saxon


Posted Thursday 27th October 2011 –

CX Sportive events return this November in the shape of the Salisbury Saxon CX. Starting from Salisbury Racecourse on November 20th, the Salisbury Saxon CX features a choice of 80, 60 & 40km routes, criss-crossing the valleys and drove roads south of Salisbury Plain to create a varied and challenging day in the saddle. The ride will feature full and comprehensive route marking, feed and support stations and electronic rider timing, and there will be hot and cold food, drinks and snacks, plus free SIS energy drink.

The hills west of the town are perfect CX country; the course area is a natural amphitheatre for your riding pleasure. The tiny river Ebble traces the floor of the valley that forms the backbone of a course which winds you constantly up and downs to the north and south. Ancient drove roads atop each of these downs, along with the narrow valley road, form the main arteries of the route, while the lanes, tracks and trails between the three weave in the detail; testing climbs that top out at 20%, descents that will send your stupid grin count off the scale, and a procession of picture box villages, scenery and views to lift the most wintry soul!
CX Sportive
CX Sportives are open to cyclo-cross, MTBs road bikes, hybrids; anything you can make suitable for a fast mix of road and rough stuff! Find out more and book your place at